Portable Greenhouse

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many gardeners and farmers enjoy extending the length of the growing seasons by purchasing a portable greenhouse for their backyard or farm. These are incredibly versatile and can be utilized to either keep the sun or rain away from delicate plants. They are also great to start the growing process early on in springtime as well.

A portable greenhouse, by virtue of its name, should not be too difficult to build or dismantle. Some can be stored in a large tote bag and kept in a garage or closet during winter months, only to be brought back into the light at the first sign of thaw.

The basic design of a portable greenhouse is very much like a large tent. A steel frame creates a skeleton for an overlying cover, replete with ventilation windows and a front "door" accessibly through a zipper. The door and windows can be zipped shut to be tightly sealed against wind and rain.

More Options to Include in a Portable Greenhouse

For particularly windy locales, one should purchase anchoring stakes. Doorways and windows should have screen options in case outside animals and insects threaten to invade. Finally, the cover should be made of double-stitched polyethylene covered in an anti-condensation coating which is capable of 80% light transmission and UV protection.

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