Post Lanterns

Written by Sierra Rein
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Post lanterns are traditionally those commonly seen in the old fashioned streets of London. Ornate and beautiful, these feature top lanterns built with either gas wicks or electric bulbs. The full-sized versions can be up to 12 feet high and can illuminate up to half a city block if properly maintained.

Many landscape and garden designers love to use mini post lanterns in their work, especially since they can be found in a multitude of different styles and colors. Most modern post lanterns are built in the traditional look yet are wired with up-to-date electrical wiring. Deluxe lanterns are built out of metal, resin and glass and can be painted any number of colors to match the surrounding design.

Some aluminum and iron posts are pre-aged to a classic patina green in order to invoke the classic look of the past. Others hang from delicately curved posts stuck into the ground to reflect an Asian or fairy-like motif. A few post lights are made with only one lantern on top, while others can feature a veritable tree of different lanterns.

Energy-Saving Post Lanterns

There are several manufacturers who have created solar lanterns which require no electrical wiring or outside energy source. Solar panels installed into the tops of the lanterns soak in the sun's energy and store it throughout the day in rechargeable batteries. As soon as night falls, automatic switches turn the power on and the post light is able to illuminate a large area of garden or lawn without any help or need for an outlet.

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