Potting Benches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Potting benches are practical organizational workstations that can be welcome for any outdoor gardening area. They can be placed in indoor conservatories or connected greenhouses. They can also be kept out in the open and set within convenient reach of normal gardening spaces.

Basic potting benches are made with a few shelves built onto two legs and two rolling wheels. Space below the top shelf is usually reserved for large bags of soil and extra pots. Some include drawer space for smaller tools and potting gloves.

Deluxe Potting Benches Put the Right Tools on Hand

The best gardening benches include a back mesh area replete with extra shelving for gardening books and hanging bars for towels. Sometimes the shelves have holes pre-cut in them for easy tool storage. The mesh backing can also be utilized to hang other tools and inspirational newspaper clippings.

Wheels on the bottom can allow the bench to be pushed from one are of the garden to another. Finally, some potting benches also include plastic tubs built into the table area to facilitate specialized dirt mixes. The plastic tub can then be removed and cleaned separately and a separate wooden cover can be fitted back over the remaining hole to increase workable table space.

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