Roller Bags

Written by Sierra Rein
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Roller bags have created a quiet yet incredibly powerful revolution in luggage design over the last few decades. Today's roller bags allow travelers to pull, not carry, their heavy bags from one destination to another. Plus, with their collapsible handles and discreet wheels, many of these bags can be instantly transformed into carry-on luggage that is easy to store in a trunk or overhead bin. Roller bags are now available in children's sizes and make it simple for elderly individuals or people with disabilities to transport their own possessions without asking for help.

Of course, roller bags do have their downsides. Their wheels can often become clogged with dirt, carpet hairs, hair, and other contaminants, making them harder to roll after a while. They also have to be lifted above rough terrains and they cannot be folded into compact storage sizes like many soft-sided luggage bags.

How to Make Any Bags Instant Roller Bags

However, there is another alternative if pre-made roller bags are not feasible. One can also purchase small, rolling luggage carts that literally strap onto an already existing soft or hard-sided bag. Once the bulk of the travel is completed, most of these roller carts can break down into a compact form and be stored within the very bags they were carrying.

Some rolling carts are designed specifically for bagged folding chairs and other portable outdoor furniture pieces. A rolling cart like this is usually tall and skinny in shape and is fitted with small elastic cords to fit around the chair in a snug and safe manner. It can then be pulled along boardwalks, across campground lots, down poolside lanes, and across fields of grass until the best recreational spot is discovered.

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