Shuffleboard Tables

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There are so many great tables for outdoor games. I knew about ping pong (though I didn't know you could keep a table outdoors). And I knew about pool and air hockey. I had no idea, however, how much fun my family would have playing with outdoor shuffleboard tables.

Many shuffleboard Tables

You might not even know that there are different kinds of shuffleboard tables. We got one called the Imperial Shuffleboard. It has a nice wood finish, so it looks good. It also is a lot of fun to play. Even my teenagers like it.

There are different styles and sizes to choose from. With all the variety, you can choose the best table for you based on your budget and the space you have available. We thought we might get a pool table, but instead we tried a shuffleboard table. It's turned out to be a great addition to our home.

Fun Made Convenient

A great innovation of outdoor recreation is that now you can buy it all online. When we bought the house, we had to venture off to the huge warehouse stores when we wanted to dress up our place. Now, I can browse and compare a lot of different places, then order what I want. I don't have to haul everything back in the truck, since it's all delivered right to my door.

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