Solar Outdoor Lighting

Written by Sierra Rein
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Solar outdoor lighting is a great way for home and business owners to brighten up their outdoor areas with little or no need for extensive electrical wiring. Solar lighting is less expensive to run than normal lighting elements. Solar lights can be placed anywhere normal lanterns and bulbs are placed, as long as they are in full contact with the sun during daylight hours.

Solar lights and lanterns are designed to soak up the energy power from the sun's rays through solar panels. The energy is stored in rechargeable batteries and then utilized during the night. Some solar outdoor lighting companies have made "smart" lanterns that can tell how dark it is and automatically switch the lights on when it becomes night.

It is imperative that solar outdoor lighting pieces be made to be durable and weather-proof. They should work in all extreme weather conditions, be it rain, wind or snow. Sometimes they need to be cleaned every once in a while to take the dirt off the glass or plastic panes and to allow more of the sun's rays to penetrate the panels.

Options of Solar Outdoor Lighting Are Limitless

There are as many different styles of solar lanterns as there are regular electric wire-powered ones. Some accent lights can be powered through a secondary solar panel neatly hidden amongst bushes and shrub, while others utilize built-in energy panels. Some homeowners have chosen to replace all of their outdoor lighting elements with solar ones for their ease of use, automatic on and off capabilities, and their energy-saving affordability.

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