Sports Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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Sports chairs are particularly made for outdoor leisure, typically for use during an athletic event. Featuring frames made of metal and fabric seats and backs, these chairs make great alternatives to sitting on cold, hard, uncomfortable bleachers or typically wet grass. They also usually come with comfortable amenities to take advantage of during the game, including cup holders, footrests, side pockets for game stat books and cameras, and sometimes an attaching side table for extra chips and dip.

Of course, not every sporting event is located in a place that is easy to walk to. Because of this, many sports chairs can be neatly packed into cylindrical carrying cases. They are typically equipped with drawstring carrying straps or over-the-shoulder backpack straps and are made of lightweight materials. Some manufacturers have even created child-sized foldable sports chairs light enough for the child to carry his or her own seat to the game.

Sports chairs are also utilized for advertising purposes, especially by athletic teams and events hosted by large corporate businesses. Embroidered with the local team's logo, these chairs can cheerlead the "right" team any day of the year. On the other hand, some businesses choose to create special slip covers designed to fit over any generic outdoor chair as an extra advertising boost. These chairs are perfect to sell as school merchandise for fund raisers, at athletic sporting events and can make great gifts to people who enjoy the sunshine in the great outdoors.

Do Not Confuse Sports Chairs with Camping Chairs

However, not every sports chair is meant for heavy camping experiences; in rough outdoor events, it is essential that the chair be equipped to handle the effects of rough weather. Powder coated and plastic-covered steel is the most effective against rust, while PVC-coated nylon, polyethylene, and other synthetic fabrics make the chair both comfortable and almost impervious to moisture. As long as you check with the manufacturer regarding what materials the chair has been made of, it is actually quite easy to purchase a chair suitable for both camping and attending sporting events.

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