Survival Supplies

Written by Michael O'Brien
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It's always a good idea to be prepared, especially when you have a family to care for. I was concerned with my children's friends coming over and an accident occurring. Luckily, it's never happened, but I feel I have some security in a good first aid kit and other survival supplies.

Survival Supplies: Safety First

The best defense is a good offense. That's why I have taken precautionary measures around the backyard. Tools are locked in the shed. The kids and their friends understand the ground rules.

I looked for first aid kits online. There are so many to choose from. Emergency kits are available for every situation. Some have fire extinguishers. Others are medical kits which include antibiotic gels, band-aids and hydrogen peroxide.

Stocked for Survival

If you're interested in serious survival supplies, you don't have to look very far. Communication kits with sirens, alarms, bull horns, and walkie talkies are available. MRE pouched food has around a five-year shelf life, which is important when you're stocking to survive.

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