Teak Bar Stool

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Teak bar stools are the tops in terms of solid, dependable and attractive indoor or outdoor furniture. Teak outshines other hardwoods in its ability to stand up to moisture as well as wear and tear. Whether your bar is a private one for your home or a commercial bar, teak bar stools are the best investment you could make.

The beauty of teak lies in its grain, color, and natural luster. Some people have the misconception that teak wood must always be a light color. It is so naturally; however, you can bleach, stain, varnish or polish teak to be any color you desire.

Purchasing Teak Bar Stools

When purchasing teak bar stools, don't be fooled by other cheaper woods. These are often advertised as "like teak" but are so only in superficial appearance. For example, a common "teak-like wood" is Shorea, which, like teak, is also grown in Indonesia, but is of inferior quality.

Obviously, the reason why some people buy "fake teak" furniture is because of its lower price tag. Consider, though, how much you're really saving if you have to replace that furniture because it can't handle water, weather changes or above-average usage. It's your money to spend as you like, but I prefer to invest in long-lasting quality.

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