Teak Deck Chair

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Teak deck chairs are ideal for poolside or patio. Teak is hands down one of the most durable, forgiving, and water repellent woods known to man. This detail is borne out by the facts as well as human history.

For example, teak has been used throughout the centuries for shipbuilding. Remember the Dutch-Indonesian trade? It was the Dutch who brought teak back to Europe, realized its incredible properties, and made a whole new trade out of shipbuilding...from strong, waterproof teak, of course!

More about Teak Deck Chairs

If teak wood was good enough for the ships of the last millennium, it's definitely up to the task of handling your outdoor furniture needs. Just as the Dutch ships could handle the salt water of the sea, your teak deck chairs will never react adversely to pool water, rain, or spilled drinks.

Plus, teak is an extremely sturdy wood. Teak deck chairs are heavy, so there's no need to worry about them ever blowing over in a strong wind, nor breaking, should anyone knock them over. Add to this the unique beauty of teak wood, and you've got an unbeatable piece of patio furniture.

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