Teak Garden Bench

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Teak garden benches are an unforgettable addition to your outdoor furniture collection. Benches connote a communality; a shared experience among family and visitors. They bring a lovely sense of intimacy to any occasion, whether it be a fancy party or a morning sipping coffee on the patio.

Some may ask, "Why teak garden benches?" Good question. I've certainly seen my share of fine-looking benches made of other types or wood. I've also seen quite handsome garden benches made from iron and other types of heavy metal.

Why Teak Garden Benches?

However, while metals certainly have a stern beauty of their own, they cannot compare in comfort to the feel of a fine hard wood. Wood simply feels better on the body than hard, unyielding metal. Teak wood in particular has proven throughout the centuries to be the strongest, most weather-proof wood available.

Do you know that there are teak garden benches in London that have survived outdoors, with constant public use, for more than 100 years? Incredible as it seems, this is typical teak performance. The wood naturally contains substantial amounts of rubber, oil and silica that make it water resistant, rot-proof, and repellent to termites and other wood-eating pests. Amazing!

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