Teak Lawn Furniture

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Teak lawn furniture solves the problem of wood rot from exposure to the elements. Most woods simply cannot withstand prolonged exposure to the moisture in soil. This includes even the sturdier hardwoods, from which the better outdoor furniture is made.

Add to that the presence of termites and other wood-eating bugs, and placing wooden garden furniture on soil is completely out of the question. However, teak lawn furniture is an exception. This is because teak itself is such an exceptional wood.

Why is Teak Lawn Furniture Different?

Teak is a radically different wood than the rest. For one thing, it contains substantial quantities of rubber and oil. As freakish as this may sound, it's true - and wonderful! For these elements give teak is legendary resistance to water damage and rot.

Second, teak contains silica, which is a natural repellent to wood-eating bugs such as termites. This means that you can plant your teak lawn furniture directly in the soil without fear of the two worst enemies of wooden garden furniture: water rot, and insect infestation.

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