Teak Wood

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Teak wood has been a popular wood for many civilizations ever since the Middle Ages. It gained fame as the best wood from which to build ships and other ocean-going vessels. This was due to its incredible buoyancy, durability, and water-resistant properties.

Teak gets these qualities from its unusual chemical composition. It actually contains amounts of rubber and silica, which repel water. They also give the wood flexibility, making it better able to hold up to pressure without cracking.

More about Teak Wood

Teak is an extremely heavy wood, which makes it popular for furniture building. This, combined with its ability to repel water, make it one of the finest woods from which to construct outdoor furniture. Inferior-quality, "knock-off" woods such as Shorea are cheaper, but they just can't withstand the elements like teak wood can.

The best teak wood is grown in sustainable forests, managed by the Indonesian government, on the island of Java. These forests are home to not just thousands of acres of teak trees, but a variety of exotic plants, birds and animals. When I buy teak furniture, I try to support environmentally friendly teak plantations that give as much back to the earth as they take.

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