Tile Tables

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Tile tables are one of the greatest inventions ever known to man. Well, they're pretty good at any rate. We don't have one, but a friend of ours does, and they love it. Tiled tables, besides looking great, have many benefits.

Tile Tables: Versatile Beauty

Tile tables have two very important benefits: Appearance and function. Let's start with the former. Like a tile floor, the customization options for a tile table is almost limitless. Any color you want is available. That's a given. What I didn't know was that other tile shapes besides that square, checkerboard type are also available. Round, rectangular: you name it, you got it.

The next benefit of a tile table is function. What happens to tables the most at parties? Things get spilled on it. With tile, clean up is a breeze and half. Tile is also rugged, so people can put beer bottles, coolers, heavy ceramic plates, and anything you can think of on them without them causing damage. It takes a lot to chip tile, and short of taking a sledge hammer to it, nothing you would normally throw at a tile table will damage it.

Wish We had Thought of That

We could kick ourselves for not buying a tile table when we chose our outdoor patio furniture. Our friend's looks so nice and it has lasted a long time and worked out great for them. They swear by it. Well, next time we need a new table, we know what we are going to get.

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