Wheelbarrow Planters

Written by Sierra Rein
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Wheelbarrow planters can be found in the backyards of thousands of homeowners. They are extremely popular, and are the favorites of many traditional garden designers. Filled with flowers, these planters will brighten up even the sparsest garden.

Most wheelbarrow planters are made of sturdy weather-durable wood, including cedar, birch and fir. Sometimes they are finished or covered with a weather-proofing shellack to protect the wood from harsh rain and snow. Others are meant for inside use and can be placed in a corner of any room, or be utilized as an attractive way to store wood and toys.

Wheelbarrow planters are also very useful for special party presentations, especially when holiday seasons come along. Simply fill them with holly during Christmastime, or place a few pumpkins within them during Halloween or Thanksgiving. Smaller ones can also be used as centerpieces on outside patio or backyard tables!

How to Successfully Purchase Wheelbarrow Planters

The best indicator of a good wheelbarrow planter is how the wheel is built and if it is completely functional. This will allow you to push and position the wheelbarrow anywhere in the yard. Also, make sure the planter is built with tight planks to keep dirt from falling out.

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