Wood Planters

Written by Sierra Rein
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Even the simplest wood planters add a delightfully quaint touch to an outdoor or indoor area. They are perfect for businesses as well as personal homes, and can be included in almost every garden design. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from large round tubs to long rectangular boxes.

Most wood planters are made at the factory ready to be used. Others may be unfinished and need to be waterproofed against rot and termites. It is up to the garden designer whether to keep the natural wood finish or to paint it in a unique color to match his or her vision.

Wood planters can also be built into other types of outdoor furniture and garden elements. For example, some planters arrive with a full trellis attached, allowing the homeowner to plant vines and succulent hanging flowers. Others may choose to build sitting areas between square planters to create benches, or include shelving areas for a number of storage options.

Novelty Wood Planters Make a Special Statement

There are unique wooden flower boxes that are quaint and attractive in their own right. Perhaps the most famous of these is the traditional country-style wheelbarrow box, due to its old-fashioned charm. Some wheelbarrow-shaped boxes are completely functional as well and can be picked up and rolled across the yard to make room for any new garden element.

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