Wooden Garden Furniture

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Wooden garden furniture is the next step in enjoying the yard you've worked so hard to perfect. It's lovely to be able to look at beautiful flowers, foliage, and their attendant critters. It's even better to be able to enjoy it in complete comfort and relaxation.

Wooden garden furniture can be found at department stores, as well as stores that specialize in patio furniture. Home improvement superstores, as well as some mom-and-pop hardware stores, also sell outdoor furniture. Of course, this furniture is usually available on a seasonal basis, with the best variety of selection in the spring.

Wooden Garden Furniture Basics

Before you shop for garden furniture, keep a couple things in mind. First of all, consider the weather conditions. If the sun is going to be beating down all the time, you will probably want to avoid plastic, as well as furniture with a lot of metal parts.

On the other hand, moisture and rainfall doesn't have to rule out wooden garden furniture. You just have to be choosy about what kind of wood you're getting. For example, choose sturdy, water-resistant teak over cheaper, inferior woods that crack and warp when exposed to water, and you will never be sorry.

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