Ant Pest Control

Written by Lori Covington
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Looking for ant pest control solutions? Ants are practically impossible to eliminate from the outdoors around your house, but you may find some simple and effective methods of ant pest control. Sometimes, ants enter your house on a temporary basis because the weather outside has become uncomfortable. In very hot, dry weather ants may seek refuge in your home: in wet weather or flood conditions they may also arrive, only to leave again when the weather becomes more moderate.

Some people find ants repugnant: others take them in stride. Much depends on what ants are doing in your house. Are they getting into foods and crawling in the sofa cushions, or wending their way through a relatively unused part of your house? Are they fire ants, which leave stinging bites, or harmless little brown ants?

Watch your ants to determine where they are coming from and where they're going to. You may find that ants are only traveling between a couple of rooms, most likely the kitchen and bathroom where they have access to water. If you suspect ants are visiting due to weather conditions and if they aren't bothering you excessively, you may decide to forget about ant pest control in favor of patience.

Ant Pest Control Methods

If you decide to take action against ants, three ant pest control methods don't require poisons that can be harmful to other animals (and people) in your house. Try caulking cracks between walls and floors to "lock" ants out. Peppermint oil placed along entry and exit points may deter them, and you might try mopping the floors with the essential oil in a bucket of water to erase the scent trail. Finally, you might decide to invest in an ultrasonic pest control device that rids your house of not only ants but spiders, roaches, mice and rats.

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