Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Trap

Written by Norene Anderson
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A carbon dioxide mosquito trap is probably the most effective way to lure and destroy the mosquito. The female mosquito is the only one that is blood sucking and the scent that attracts her is the scent common to warm-blooded mammals. The attractant that is most successful mocks the smell of the breath and of sweat. The odor of choice is carbon dioxide, the element that is excreted by all living things.

The carbon dioxide mosquito trap uses a source of carbon dioxide either from a CO2 dispenser or from propane combustion. This odor draws the mosquito to the area and it is either sucked into a cylinder or drawn into contact with grids that electrocute and vaporize. If this type of trap is used, it should be monitored frequently for need of cleaning. Always read the manufacturer's instructions before use.

A Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Trap Works

Another kind of carbon dioxide mosquito trap substance is made by using paraffin combustion. It produces carbon dioxide and water and that attracts the mosquito to the trap. There is ongoing research to discover new and more effective ways of eliminating the mosquito population due to the spread of the West Nile virus in recent years. The devices may change, but the mosquito's inherent drive for blood will not.

There are many varieties of traps that are specifically designed to lure and destroy the mosquito. To find the best mosquito trap on the market, do a little research on the Internet. There is enough information available to help you make a wise decision about what will work best for you. There is also information to guide you in the best line of defense - prevention. Eliminating the mosquitoes in the water spots that are breeding grounds is priority in controlling the mosquito population.

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