Co2 Mosquito Trap

Written by Linda Alexander
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The CO2 mosquito trap is an effective device to control mosquitoes. Mammals emit carbon dioxide in their breath. This trap converts propane to CO2, which is released in a cloud of scent that invites mosquitoes into the trap. Since the trap works to attract female blood-feeding mosquitoes, non-target insects such are largely unaffected.

Environmentally Friendly CO2 Mosquito Trap
The CO2 is often used in conjunction with octenol be more attractive to the mosquitoes. The trap is maintained at about the same temperature as human skin. Once near the trap, mosquitoes mistake the heat and scent for a warm blooded animal, where they will land and try to find a meal, only to be caught by the suction fan of the CO2 mosquito trap.

This trap is designed to be environmentally friendly. It only attracts biting, blood sucking insects, especially female mosquitoes, gnats and no-see-ums (male mosquitoes don't bite). Moths and other insects are not attracted to the trap.

Scientific studies on the efficacy of these traps vary. The most reliable evidence is found in testimonials from people who have used these devices in your area. Factors that may affect the efficacy are wind, atmospheric moisture, and number of people in the area affected by mosquitoes.

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