Effective Mosquito Attractants

Written by Greg Schwartz
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Effective mosquito attractants are designed to mimic the odors that attract the female mosquito to the warm-blooded mammal blood source. The odor of exhaled breath is that of carbon dioxide and it is easily dispensed by either a CO2 cylinder or burning propane. Both of these are used to successfully attract mosquitoes to their demise.

Another odor that is emulated is that of body sweat. For some strange reason, mosquitoes are attracted to sweat. It is thought that it is because it is an odor that is unique to a warm-blooded meal source. Interestingly enough, people that do not sweat are less likely to get bit by mosquitoes. Either the odor of the carbon dioxide or the sweat are successful at attractants to the female mosquito.

Look for Effective Mosquito Attractants

In addition to various bug zappers that use effective mosquito attractants, there are many kinds of traps that also successfully draw in the mosquito. They use the same principle, just a different method of destroying the insect. There are strips that are sticky and when the mosquito is successfully attracted to it, will hold it until it dies.

Decreasing the number of female mosquitoes is the goal. The male does not bite; therefore, the focus is on the attraction the female has for blood. Having a blood meal is necessary for the female to be able to produce the eggs that start the next life cycle. Effective mosquito attractants will draw her in and she will be destroyed. Regardless of the type of equipment you choose to eliminate the pests, be sure to read the manufacturer guidelines and safety warnings. Monitor carefully any kind of pesticide or attractant that is used around small children or pets.

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