Insect Control

Written by Lori Covington
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Concerned about insect control? When ants, fleas, spiders, mosquitos or silverfish are found in the house, our first instinct is to reach for a can of spray. Especially as the weather warms up each year, new infestations of insects may seem to appear from nowhere. Depending on the type of insect, control may be as simple as using the correct essential oil such as peppermint, spearmint, pennyroyal, cinnamon or citronella.

When insects have established nests in our around your home, herbal oils may not be sufficient. Carpenter ants and termites can do real damage to a home. Carpenter ants chew into wood until they have created enough space to start a nest in lumber, pylons, tree stumps or wooden beams and studs.

Termites nest in the ground, but feed on cellulose. Damp conditions and wooden structures next to the ground are invitations for termite infestation. When termites and carpenter ants nest in or under your house, your best plan for insect control is to call professional exterminators.

Insect Control Around the House

When insects are established inside the walls or rooms of your house, you may decide to use a chemical-free solution for insect control. Harmless to people and domestic pets, ultrasonic pest control devices work by emitting a high-frequency tone that causes confusion and distress in insects. Ultrasonic pest control devices can also be used to rid your house of insects in the walls: an electromagnetic function can send the high-frequency signal throughout the walls, preventing insects from remaining hidden. Ultrasonic devices work on most insects, including ants, roaches, mosquitos, spiders, fleas and silverfish.

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