Insect Control Systems

Written by Linda Alexander
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Insect control systems are most effective as a combination of commercial applications and household remedies. When it's time to hire a professional for your insect trouble, the choices can be confusing. There are two things to consider when choosing a pest control company. First, the company must use effective insect control systems. Second, you must decide if you are satisfied with the customer service you will receive from them.

Your Preference for Insect Control Systems

You must also consider what works for you. There are numerous pest management products available to homeowners and pest control operators. These products can be found in bait, granular, liquid and dust forms. Pheromones that confuse insects during mating, insect repellents, and glue boards are also important components of your system.

Ask yourself the following questions when choosing a pest control company. What is your chemical tolerance? Would you rather use natural substances over chemical pesticides? Are you allergic? Does the proposed system fit your lifestyle? Are you willing to do your part in maintaining the procedures implemented, such as sanitation practices or fixing leaky faucets to prevent moisture that attracts bugs?

Finally, ask friends, relatives and neighbors what their experiences have been with the companies you are considering. Chances are, if they received bad service, you will too.

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