Killing Backyard Mosquitoes

Written by Linda Alexander
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Killing backyard mosquitoes can be very difficult but must be attempted to not only rid ourselves of itchy bites, but also to stop the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Eliminating all possible breeding sites on your property is only one method of safe mosquito control.

An outdoor mosquito control program also includes long-term prevention such as using targeted pesticides (that will only harm mosquito larvae) in bird baths, fish ponds, and storm drains. Mosquito traps will also help reduce the number of adult female mosquitoes (the ones that bite) in your yard and garden.

Killing Backyard Mosquitoes the Traditional Way

Your plan should also include short-term methods of killing backyard mosquitoes such as fogging areas on your property to kill adult mosquitoes. Natural mosquito repellants such as eucalyptus may work for personal protection against bites.

As added personal protection, use an insect repellent on exposed skin. Health professionals agree that repellants containing DEET are best for most people, although some negative side effects have been reported. Of course, people who are at a higher risk for West Nile virus and should avoid being outdoors during peak hours of mosquito activity.

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