Killing Mosquitoes

Written by Greg Schwartz
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Killing mosquitoes is something that everyone gets involved in sooner or later. It is a serious problem worldwide. With over a million people dying annually from diseases that can be related to the mosquito, it is very important to take measures to destroy as many mosquitoes as possible. It is not something that can be taken lightly. Until the mosquitoes can be eliminated in your area, it is very important to use an effective repellant to decrease your chances of contracting a mosquito-borne illness.

There are various ways of killing mosquitoes. The most effective way is to locate their breeding sites and treat these with the appropriate pesticide. There are specific ones made for the larva stage and for the adult mosquito. It will take a thorough treatment of both to end the cycle. Treatments often have to be repeated at intervals to catch the next batch of eggs to prevent them from reaching adulthood.

Many Ways of Killing Mosquitoes

It is also possible to control the mosquito population by using attractants to lure mosquitoes into a trap or a zapper. Either of these works effectively if they have the right scent to catch the attention of the female mosquito. The male does not bite; therefore, he is not the one that spreads the diseases associated with mosquitoes. It is only when the female is destroyed that there is any control.

Cities and communities often assume the task of killing mosquitoes. There are fogging machines that can cover large areas at a time and it is effective in knocking down the population quickly. The best of methods is made better, though, when preventive measures are enacted along with treatment. Monitor your area for anything that could be a water catcher. Standing water is the medium that is necessary for the mosquito population to survive.

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