Magnet For Mosquitoes

Written by Norene Anderson
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The key for a successful magnet for mosquitoes lies greatly in the placement. It should be located between the area where the mosquitoes congregate - either their breeding grounds or shrubs and the people-occupied area. It should intercept the mosquitoes before they get to you. The further it is placed from you and the closer to the breeding grounds, the better the results.

Another thing to consider in placement is the direction of the wind. The female mosquito flies into the wind looking for blood. Once it feasts, it drifts downward. Also keep in mind that since CO2 weighs more than air, it stays close to the ground. To use it as a successful attractant, the device to entrap should be kept low. Otherwise, the mosquitoes will not find this magnet for mosquitoes.

Which Magnet for Mosquitoes Is Best?

There are many kinds of traps that are used to entice mosquitoes into a death grip. Some of these are called "bug zappers." They can be used to attract flying insects and electrocute them as they hit the electrified grids trying to reach the attractant. Some of the zappers are specifically designed to act as a magnet for mosquitoes. The attractant used resembles the scent that the female mosquito is searching for to get a blood meal.

A very simple method to attract and eliminate mosquitoes is the use of a sticky strip and draws them in and they can't get away. This is a safe and easy way as long as the strip is out of reach of children and pets. As with all products that are used to eliminate insects, be sure to read the instructions for safety and maintenance. For instance, a bug zapper can't just be plugged in and left. It must be cleaned regularly according to instructions. Fight bugs with care and safety.

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