Mosquito Control Equipment

Written by Linda Alexander
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Mosquito control equipment is designed for treating different types of areas and different species of mosquitoes. You may need to treat your home, yard, garden, as well as yourself and your family! There are five main types of products you can buy for effective mosquito control.

Types of Mosquito Control Equipment

Repellents help you repel mosquitoes from any treated area or from people. Larvicides kill the larva of mosquitoes as they develop. They are usually used in water where mosquitoes breed. Residual products are a type of mosquito control equipment that uses insecticides on a pump sprayer or a garden hose. They are applied to surfaces where mosquitoes land and the residual will kill mosquitoes as they enter the treated surfaces.

Foggers and mosquito traps kill mosquitoes as the fly. Foggers are immediate and complete, while mosquito traps somewhat passively trap and kill bugs. Both types are used to kill adult mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects.

Finally, there are mosquito blockers. They are effective, relatively easy to use, and healthier in the long run. Blockers are small plastic battery-operated machines that blow out plant oil, effectively hiding you from mosquitoes. Blockers prevent mosquitoes from smelling you and since mosquitoes already have a limited sight distance, you become invisible to them.

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