Mosquito Disease

Written by Norene Anderson
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Mosquito disease is responsible for killing more than a million people a year. One of the diseases that affect people more in Africa and other nations than in America is malaria. There are, however, viral agents such as types of encephalitis are responsible for many deaths. Some of the different diseases are the West Nile virus (WNV), St Louis ensephalitis (SLE), yellow fever, and others.

Even though there are already over 2500 species of mosquitoes around the world, scientists are still identifying new ones. As recently as 2001, one was discovered in Florida and added to the list. Each of the species has particular likes and dislikes. Aedes and Ochlerotatus are the two that are most blood hungry and will look for their food source in the early morning, dusk, and early evening. They will also feast on cloudy days. They can fly quite a distance and therefore, can carry mosquito disease many miles.

Mosquito Disease Should Be Controlled

Culex mosquitoes are also intense biters and prefer nighttime feasting. These have been known to carry St Louis encephalitis to an individual in Florida. This particular mosquito does not fly very far but has been known to go as much as two miles. The only mosquito that transmits malaria to man is the Anopheles. They are somewhat aggressive in their biting habits.

Finding a remedy for mosquito disease is dependent solely in controlling the mosquito population. Adequate control will eliminate the transfer of disease to man and beast. The losses experienced in the pet and farm life population is enormous. Heartworm in dogs requires constant monitoring for the health of the pet. Farm animals are susceptible and losses can be great when they are involved.

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