Mosquito Fogger

Written by Linda Alexander
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Mosquito foggers are often used to manage insects in backyards, gardens and patios. They spray much larger areas than ordinary insect sprays do. Foggers can also be used indoors, making them convenient for people whose pets are bothered by mosquitoes.

Yet foggers are an expensive, ineffective method of mosquito control. First, they are effective for only a few hours before the mosquitoes return. Second, the fogger sprays are indiscriminate. They kill every insect around including ladybugs, butterflies, praying mantises.

Foggers work by spraying insecticide into the air in fine droplets, which kills adult mosquitoes. But a breeze can easily blow the droplets of insecticide beyond the treatment area. The insecticide must be sprayed when the mosquitoes are present, such as in early evening. Also, it must be reapplied regularly since insecticides are only effective for a limited time. Insecticides used in a mosquito fogger may cause mild or severe allergic reactions some people. They also negatively impact the environment.

The Mosquito Fogger and Resistance

Mosquitoes that survive the attack come back stronger. In as little as six generations (about two months), mosquitoes can build up immunity to a pesticide. If you rely on pesticide sprays and foggers, you will need more and more of them to do the job, and you will have to spray more and more often.

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