Mosquito Killers

Written by Greg Schwartz
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Mosquito killers come in all types, sizes, and methods. If you are bothered by mosquitoes inside the house, then you can use a spray designed for use indoors. Many of these contain synthetic pyrethroids. This offers a quick resolution to pesky mosquitoes indoors, but it only solves the problem temporarily. To be effective, outdoor control should also be used.

There are many ways to use mosquito killers outdoors. There are foggers that can be attached to tractors or lawn mowers for covering large areas at a time. It is also possible to use portable foggers for smaller areas. The outdoor chemicals can include 5% malathion or Pyrethrins. These chemicals should be used only where there is plenty of ventilation. You should carefully read the instructions and cautions when using these ingredients.

Other Mosquito Killers

Insecticides that contain carbaryl, malathion or allethrin are effective mosquito killers when applied to shrubs or lower limbs of trees. This keeps the mosquitoes from taking up residence in the vegetation and thriving. Mosquito management is really a combination of efforts. It takes getting rid of the breeding grounds, killing the existing mosquitoes both inside the home and outside in the yards and streets.

Mosquitoes are not just a pest that causes immense distress from itching; it is a life-threatening disease carrier. Some of the diseases are not talked about much, such as malaria. The current scare that most people are aware of is the West Nile Virus. This has been around for many years, but has come to light in America in the past few years. The number of deaths is growing and this requires increased effort to control the mosquito population.

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