Mosquito Machine

Written by Linda Alexander
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Using a mosquito machine can greatly improve your outdoor living comfort. There are several machines on the market used for mosquito control in parks, residential areas and campgrounds. They attract mosquitoes by mimicking a human or animal. Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide in your breath, heat, light and several additional chemicals given off by warm blooded animals. The machines have been tested by the US military and are currently being used by the Coast Guard, Everglades National Park, and various restaurants, resorts, and other businesses involved with the outdoor.

As technology improves, so do the products available. The Sonic Web uses smell, heat and the sound of a heartbeat to attract mosquitoes. The mosquitoes can still hear it, even if the wind is blowing, giving it an advantage over machines that only use smell to attract mosquitoes.

Another new mosquito machine is the Larvasonic. It uses sound waves to kill mosquito larvae in water. You just drop it in, push a button and pull it out seconds later. Any larvae within 3 feet are killed instantly by the sound waves and those within 5 feet are dead in 24 hours.

Is a Mosquito Machine Enough?

Some machines catch certain types of mosquitoes, but not others. And even if a machine does an effective job, it still may not be enough to prevent all bites. After all, the outdoors is a huge place. And people should not rely on the machines as the only means for controlling mosquitoes. The best protection incorporates mosquito repeller, window screens, air conditioning, and local insect abatement programs for spraying.

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