Mosquito Repeller

Written by Linda Alexander
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Mosquito repeller is a necessity when camping. Bugs can just ruin your camping trip. If you have bugs at home, you're likely to find even more when camping. Before setting up, choose a campsite away from the woods, deep grass, stagnant water, and other places that can attract bugs. Keeping your site clean and free spilled drink or food crumbs will also help. Incidentally, you might want to check your soda can before you take that next sip ... particularly if it's been sitting out while open.

Mosquito Repeller Is Just the Beginning.

There are lots of products on the market that will help eliminate pests or at least help cut down on them while you're camping. Body repellant sprays and lotion are the obvious one. Ones made with DEET are most effective. There are also mosquito coils, traps, and repellants you can spray on your clothes.

Don't forget bug sprays; spraying bug killer before you set up camp will also aid your comfort. No one product works on everything; decide which bugs bug you the most and choose from products that target them. Spray under the table, near the garbage, and around your tent. Naturally, keep the spray away from food or eating surfaces.

You can also use the screens on your tent or consider some netting - there are lots of options, from bed nets to dining canopies. Netting is not a mosquito repeller per se, but it will keep them out of your way. For mosquitoes, you might also consider taking with you a carbon dioxide mosquito light trap or other mosquito machine that you can purchase at your local hardware or camping supply store.

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