Mosquito Traps

Written by Norene Anderson
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Mosquito traps are a popular means of reducing or eliminating the mosquito population. Since the female is the one that bites, the traps are made to entice and capture them. The various kinds of traps are designed with an attractant to the female. Some traps give off an odor that mimics the smell of mammals such as a horse, cow, people, or pets.

Some of the mosquito traps use a trail of carbon dioxide that is combined with heat and moisture and an attractant such as octenol. Some have a net or cylinder that sucks them in after they enter the trap. There are also traps with a sticky strip that holds the mosquito once it touches it. The entire success of this method depends totally on the effectiveness of the attractant to get the interest of the mosquito.

Mosquito Traps Vary Greatly

When looking for traps to cover a large area, you need to consider what is available for power and how much area needs to be covered. There are some that are completely self-contained that use propane as a power source as well as supplying carbon dioxide as an attractant. These are so portable that they can be used quite a distance from the home. These units are usually more expensive than those that depend on connected power.

The mosquito traps that require an outlet will obviously cover an area that is within cord reach. Regardless of the type of trap, it will use a similar form of attractant to draw the female mosquito to destruction. Any type of trap must be monitored for safety during use and proper maintenance such as cleaning and emptying the captured mosquitoes. Always make sure they are out of reach of children.

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