Octenol Refills

Written by Linda Alexander
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Octenol refills increase the effectiveness of your mosquito trap by releasing the attractant continuously for 21 days. Octenol has been proven to lure mosquitoes, thus increasing the number mosquitoes you catch. Another benefit is that you can customize the amount of attractant based on your specific needs.

Determining How Many Octenol Refills to Use

For outdoor living areas with manmade pools, birdbaths or flowerpots, you don't need to use any. Near manmade ditches that often collect water due to poor drainage, use 1. For large scale storm water collection areas, however, increase the number to 2. If you have heavily wooded or grass covered areas with depressions in the ground (manmade or natural), 3 bait chips are necessary. Finally, areas that border bodies of water, whether freshwater or saltwater, require 4 chips.

Positioning the trap on your property is a crucial part mosquito control. You should place it 20 to 30 feet away from where people gather and upwind from where mosquitoes live (standing water, gardens, trees, etc.). Some units do not require electricity to operate, so there are no cords to trip over or clip with the lawnmower. Within two weeks of continuous operation, you will reduce the number of mosquitoes.

Remember that using bait chips enhances the effectiveness of the trap, and you must replace the octenol refills once every 21 days. You can find online suppliers that can supply you with all the refills you need. Search around for a supplier you like that offers competitive prices.

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