Pest Control Supplies

Written by Lori Covington
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Researching pest control supplies can be a time-consuming process. How do you know which products to buy and how to apply them safely? Are the chemicals really safe, or do they have unknown potential for harm? What are their potential effects on your family and pets? What if they make you sick? What if they don't work?

When you're shopping for pest control supplies, the last thing you want is confusion about whether certain products are harmful. Many of the best-known insecticides and rodenticides contain nerve agents and poisons that can kill pets: insect foggers leave poison on every surface in your house. When poisons eliminate your pests, you may wind up having to remove mouse or rat corpses from inside your walls or under your house.

There are alternatives to poisons: pest control supplies can be brought down to one simple item. The most comprehensive pest control is not poisonous; it is a sonic repellent. Using sound waves pitched higher than people and most pets can hear, ultrasonic pest control devices can be plugged into an electrical socket, providing constant pest control with no hazardous effects.

Pest Control Supplies: You Only Need One Method

It may seem impossibly simple to rid your house of pests using ultrasonic pest control. Services that spray your house for pests usually offer a schedule of reinspections and further treatments, but the ultrasonic devices work continuously day after day without any additional attention from you. It's simple, effective, non-toxic and lasting way to keep rodent and insect pests away.

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