Professional Mosquito Control

Written by Linda Alexander
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Professional mosquito control can really help if you have mosquitoes indoors. But before you get to the point where you need the pros, consider preventing them from breeding in and entering your home in the first place.

If the conditions are right, mosquitoes can breed right inside your house. Screen tightly all your windows, doors, and porches to keep out as many mosquitoes as possible; repair any holes. Check your entire house for areas where standing water may exist and empty the containers. The most common areas include potted plants and the trays under them, flower vases and watering cans. Pet's water bowls are often overlooked. You should be changing their water daily anyway, but especially to prevent mosquitoes.

In unused spare bathrooms, check the toilet bowls and tanks, shower drains and sink traps. Flush those toilets weekly and run water through the drains to eliminate breeding places, but to also prevent evaporation, which can allow gas and sewer critters in from the sewer line. Mosquitoes found inside the house can be killed with any good household spray that is made for controlling indoor flying insects. Aerosols made with synergized pyrethrins or synthetic pyrethroids are effective. Avoid spraying food, dishes and other eating utensils.

When to Call in Professional Mosquito Control

If your health is threatened by the infestation or if it's too large for you to control, it's time for professional mosquito control. Reputable exterminators are licensed and trained to use stronger, longer-lasting mosquito insecticides than pesticides available to homeowners. Ask the company what you should do to reduce your exposure to it and to prevent future problems with insects.

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