Symptoms Of West Nile Virus

Written by Greg Schwartz
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Symptoms of West Nile Virus affect the central nervous system. Of all the people that are infected, there are about eighty percent that will not show any symptoms. As many as twenty percent of those infected with WNV will exhibit mild symptoms that include headache, body aches, nausea, vomiting, and fever. Sometimes there will be swollen lymph glands or a skin rash.

The serious symptoms are rare. Only about one in one hundred fifty that are infected will develop severe symptoms of West Nile Virus. These symptoms can include any of the following: neck stiffness, disorientation, high fever, coma, convulsions, muscle weakness, and paralysis. The serious symptoms can last for several weeks and the neurological effects can be permanent.

Watch for Symptoms of West Nile Virus

This is certainly not something that can be addressed casually. There must be drastic measures taken to eliminate the infestation of mosquitoes to decrease the chances of contracting West Nile Virus. There are many mosquito control products available. All it takes is just a little research to see which one will work in your backyard.

If you are in an area where mosquitoes are a common problem, it is very important to watch for symptoms of West Nile Virus. If you suspect you might have the virus, be sure to contact your physician immediately. Prevention is always best, so check out your surroundings. Get rid of any containers or low-lying areas that can trap water. For those areas you can't change, use the appropriate method to destroy the mosquitoes and their breeding habitat.

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