Fine Pewter

Written by Beth Hrusch
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There is nothing quite like the rich luster and silvery glow possessed by fine pewter. Pewter is a metal alloy prized for its unique beauty and durability since it was first invented around 1500 B.C. Today's pewter is a mixture of tin, copper, antimony and bismuth. It is used to make decorative items as well as functional house wares. Pewter has been a staple in American homes since the 16th century.

The Beauty of Fine Pewter

The main ingredient of pewter, tin, is a relatively soft and malleable metal with a silvery white color. It can be poured into forms and made into just about any shape. It is also easily worked, lending itself to the intricate detailing that is often seen on decorative pewter pieces. Most modern pewter is made of at least 90 percent tin, with the other metals added to strengthen it. This makes it more pure and safe than old pewter, which consisted of tin and lead.

Fine pewter can be found in many interesting and beautiful forms. Pewtersmiths design and create pewter pieces that can be added to collections as well as used every day. In fact, its utility and durability is what has made pewter valuable and popular throughout the ages. Serving pieces, bowls, cups and plates make unique house wares. Pewter mementos for special occasions are valued heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations.

It is easy to find fine pewter. Items made of this metal alloy are available at online merchants who specialize in handcrafted gifts and home accessories. Whether used every day, as part of a treasured collection or purchased as a gift for a special occasion, pewter is always a wise investment. Its lasting appeal lies in its unique physical qualities and its lustrous beauty.

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