Gravy Boat

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A pewter gravy boat is an indispensable addition to any collection of fine pewter house wares and accessories. Pewter has been valued for thousands of years, mainly for its ability to be both durable and beautiful. It has been a staple of European and American homes, and a highly collectible metal that retains its value and deep luster through years of service. Pieces such as gravy holders can be added to a collection of fine pewter and used every day.

A Pewter Gravy Boat Brings Elegance to the Table

When planning a special event or even an ordinary family meal, pewter serving pieces add a touch of elegance to the table setting. A gravy holder and ladle, a pewter platter and plates and perhaps even utensils lend instant charm that makes any meal or gathering more special. Pewter pieces can be simple or ornate. Some people like the intricate scrollwork and cut outs of more detailed styles, while others prefer the smooth and unadorned style reminiscent of early American pewter designs.

A handcrafted pewter gravy boat can be paired with a tray to catch drippings. Consider the capacity desired, and the style of other pewter pieces already owned before purchasing this fine pewter piece. Pewter can withstand high temperatures and does not tarnish, which makes it ideal for holding any kind of liquid or food. This makes the choice of pewter is a wise one, well worth the initial cost when one considers how long it is likely to last.

A collection of fine pewter is one that will bring pleasure to its owner for many years. The investment in pewter serving pieces such as a gravy boat, platter and spoons will pay off in a lifetime of durable and beautiful service. With its smooth, lustrous patina and durability, pewter has a timeless appeal that has withstood the test of time.

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