Ice Bucket

Written by Beth Hrusch
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No home bar would be complete without a unique handcrafted pewter ice bucket. Pewter, made with traditional methods, adds an elegant charm to any occasion and reflects your good taste. It also makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. A fine set of pewter bar accessories would be much appreciated by anyone setting up an entertainment area.

A Pewter Ice Bucket--Practical and Beautiful

The true beauty of pewter lay not just in its lustrous patina and silvery color, but also in its utility. Pewter has been used for centuries to forge house wares such as utensils and vessels for holding foods and liquids. It is a truly practical metal alloy meant to stand up to everyday use. Pewter accessories come in either a highly polished or satin finish, ornately detailed or plain.

A pewter ice bucket will serve its owner for many years. One with a large capacity can function as a beverage cooler as well as an ice holder. Pewter can safely hold any liquid, as long as it is properly cared for. Any liquid that contains natural acids such as citrus should be rinsed out after use and the pewter piece cleaned thoroughly. Handles and knobs that are also decorative accents can add style and function to your piece.

Pewter is not only practical but also highly collectible. A pewter ice bucket will give years of service while retaining its beauty and luster, if properly maintained. This makes it a great gift idea for anyone who wants to be surrounded by beautiful and practical house wares that can be enjoyed and used every day.

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