Mint Julep Cup

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A mint julep cup is the only proper vessel for holding this traditional Southern drink. When made of pewter, polished and ornamented, this cup can be as delightful as the refreshing beverage that it holds. Pewter is also highly collectible, each piece a work of art in itself. When entertaining, there is nothing more charming and elegant than the presentation of a pewter set for serving mint julep with pastries and other Southern delicacies.

The Mint Julep Cup--Perfect for Entertaining

Mint julep is a classic Southern beverage that is favored for its cool and refreshing flavor. The traditional recipe calls for Kentucky bourbon, bruised mint leaves, sugar and crushed ice. When serving this drink, use a cup designed to hold the ingredients and allow the flavors and aroma to come to the surface. A julep cup is basically cylindrical in shape, with a larger diameter at the top than the bottom.

Usually the mint julep cup comes with a base for stability, but there is no handle on it. It is a simple design that functions well for its purpose but can also be used to hold fresh cut flowers or other centerpiece items. These cups hold about 12 ounces of liquid, a generous serving size. And, a pewter cup retains its beauty and value through years of use. It does not tarnish, so that with minimal care it can stay as bright and lustrous as the day it was purchased.

A pewter mint julep cup makes an excellent gift for any occasion. Perhaps it will even inspire its lucky owner to try his or her hand at making this delightful Southern beverage. The recipe is simple and delicious, and the vessel is elegant and beautiful. These are qualities as timeless as Southern hospitality itself.

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