Pewter Baby Cup

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The gift of a pewter baby cup marks the birth of a new baby with elegance and style. It also presents the little one with an heirloom-quality piece that is sure to be treasured for years to come. Pewter is a lustrous metal alloy with a silvery patina that only improves with age. Pewter pieces can be collected over time to create a display that is classic and enduring, a complement to both modern and traditional interiors.

A Pewter Baby Cup is a Keepsake

A traditional pewter cup for babies will have about a 5-ounce capacity. They are perfectly suited for actual use, when the time comes for baby to graduate from the bottle to the cup. With proper cleaning, pewter will last through years of daily use. A pewter cup can also be kept unused, as a treasured memento or as part of a pewter collection.

There are many creative designs featured on a pewter baby cup. Handles can have whimsical shapes such as blocks or fairy tale creatures. An accompanying spoon or utensils can be added to the baby cup to complete the set. Baby's first solid foods can be served from these beautiful pieces, making the experience even more memorable for mom and dad. As baby grows a pewter child's cup can be added, starting a collection that the child can add to as he or she grows.

The natural beauty and luster of fine pewter make items made of this metal ideal as gifts for special occasions or just for collecting. A pewter baby cup can be the start of a treasured collection that adds elegance and function to everyday living. Whether simply or ornately designed, a baby cup is a charming gift, perfect for celebrating a new birth and the joys that lay ahead.

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