Pewter Bowl

Written by Beth Hrusch
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When looking for a pewter bowl, consider the function and style you desire. There are many designs, some with specific purposes. Pewter is a very utilitarian metal with qualities that make it suitable for everyday use. A bowl made of pewter can withstand food and liquid, and with proper cleaning can last a lifetime and beyond.

A Pewter Bowl for Every Occasion

Bowls made from pewter are generally either footed or non-footed. They can be used for serving meals and displaying candies. A basin style bowl is ideal for holding fruit, while a footed compote elegantly serves jellied cranberries or other condiments. A porringer is a unique pewter piece that has an oval shape with two handles on either side. It can serve small amounts of any food, nuts or berries.

Often, a pewter bowl can combine the function of a platter and a footed server. Pastry and vegetable servers offer an elegant presentation of these items. A generously sized dish set atop a base has plenty of room for larger quantities. Soup and stew bowls can also serve side dishes. Whether for display or for serving food, bowls made from pewter add style to any meal, and make even an ordinary meal seem like a special occasion.

As a gift, a pewter bowl expresses your good taste and appreciation for quality, handcrafted wares. Pewter is also highly collectible, and a bowl can be a welcome addition to an existing collection or the start of a new one. It is durable and easy to maintain with a silvery patina that does not tarnish. Such qualities have made pewter the preferred metal in European and American homes for centuries.

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