Pewter Candle Holder

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A pewter candle holder makes an elegant statement when displayed on a mantle, sideboard or table. Pewter accessories have been gracing European and American homes for centuries, bringing utility and charm to both traditional and modern interiors. A candle holder with the rich, silvery luster of pewter can withstand years of regular use or be used just for display, never diminishing in beauty.

The Many Styles of the Pewter Candle Holder

Pewter has remained popular through the ages, partly due to the fact that it can be simple or ornate to fit any taste and still maintain its good looks. A candle holder made of pewter is truly an expression of the pewtersmith's creativity, and you will often find this out when you shop for fine pewter candlesticks. A candle stick can be tall or short, intricately detailed or smooth and simple. The finish can be satin or polished to a shine.

Pewter complements even a modern space. A simple pewter candle holder with a geometric shape, for example, can give warmth and texture to a stark interior. For those with a more romantic nature, pewter chambersticks recall the days when getting up the stairs at night required the light of a candle. These candlestick relatives have an attached dish to catch drippings and a loop for the finger.

The addition of a pewter candle holder can bring the warmth and timeless beauty of this metal into your home. As an accent, it will complement any decor; when actually used it will prove durable and easy to maintain. It makes an ideal gift for anyone who loves the look and feel of fine pewter, an elegant and timeless metal that has withstood the test of time.

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