Pewter Candle Stick

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The finishing touch to the decor of any room is a pewter candle stick. When placed on a mantle, buffet or dining room table, pewter adds instant elegance. No other metal possesses its silvery luster and deep dimension. Candle sticks made of pewter do not tarnish, making them easy to maintain and enjoy for many years.

A Pewter Candle Stick is Functional and Beautiful

Pewter house wares can be made in a variety of styles and finishes. Pewter is a metal alloy comprised mainly of tin, which is a relatively soft and malleable metal. Pewtersmiths can easily form it into shapes that are intricate and detailed. Just as beautiful, however are the simple and smooth forms of pieces reminiscent of early American designs.

Candle sticks reflect the versatility of pewter. A pewter candle stick can be tall or short and varies in price according to intricacy and size. Pewter goes well in almost any setting, regardless of the design of the piece. Therefore, candle sticks made from this metal can be placed anywhere and next to anything. Several traditional styles are copies of original designs created by famous pewtersmiths of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Whether your tastes are traditional or modern, a pewter candle stick is always appropriate. It can make a welcome gift for any occasion, or just as a present to yourself. A collection of fine pewter enhances any decor, and expresses a timeless elegance that brings pleasure to the owner every day. Pewter candlesticks are functional and beautiful for many years of service.

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