Pewter Cup

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The pewter cup is a household item that has been in continuous use throughout the world for thousands of years. Since the Romans first started smelting pewter from tin and lead, this metal alloy has been the main component of pieces both decorative and utilitarian. Utensils, dinnerware, tools and display items have all been forged from pewter, which is prized for its durability and malleability. Pewter is suitable for everyday use as well as for display.

The Pewter Cup Has Many Uses and Styles

Pewter vessels are often associated with colonial American households, where they were an indispensable part of the domestic scene. However, long before these pieces were being made in America, the art of pewter was being practiced in Europe extensively. Cups made of pewter have been serving a variety of functions for millennia. American colonists borrowed the tradition and built upon it, crafting cups of elegant simplicity to reflect their own style.

The pewter cup has been used at meeting houses, where colonists discussed politics and plotted the American Revolution. Pewter represented the plain and forthright style of American colonists, its satin luster a deliberate contrast to the ornate showiness of silver. Pewter vessels were also used in the average household, where their durability made them a favorite with the thrifty early Americans. Today, pewter tankards and cups make fine gifts as well as beautiful display items.

The gift of a pewter cup for a friend or even for yourself will bring much satisfaction for years to come. Pewter is a truly timeless metal with a long history, and is still widely admired for its unique qualities. Pewter is also highly collectible, an asset to any home and suitable for even a modern decor. It is a wise investment for anyone who appreciates beauty and style in their surroundings.

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