Pewter Dinnerware

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Pewter dinnerware speaks volumes about your good taste. A good set of pewter will provide years of service while retaining its inherent beauty. The deep metallic luster and silvery patina of this metal alloy has been prized for centuries, making it a staple of European and American homes. Dinnerware made of pewter enhances the elegance and style of even everyday meals.

Pewter Dinnerware for Entertaining and Every Day

A good set of pewter table ware will include many pieces, some common and some unique. Serving pieces include chargers and platters, fruit and vegetable bowls (footed and non-footed), slotted spoons and large forks, gravy boats/ladles and coolers. Candy and nut dishes display treats and can be footed or not, round or oval in shape.

Other pieces of pewter dinnerware are plates, cups, butter dishes, utensils and shakers. Pewter can be simple or ornately styled, according to personal taste. Tin, its main component, is soft and ductile, easily shaped and molded. This makes for a smooth finish that can be either highly polished for a formal look, or satin finished for a traditional early American feel. With either finish, pewter pieces on the table always lend an elegance that is timeless.

Pewter dinnerware can be collected over time. Unusual or decorative pieces, once acquired, will complete the table setting. Such items might include name card holders, a salt bowl and spoon or coasters. Some dinnerware is perfect for display, such as chargers, creamers and vases. The variety of pieces in pewter is exceeded only by the quality of handcrafted construction and the beauty of the finish.

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