Pewter Lamp

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A pewter lamp is an accessory that no home should be without. The beauty of pewter endures through daily use without losing its silvery patina. It is also a classic and elegant statement that has been gracing homes in Europe and America for centuries. When you bring pewter into your home you are becoming part of a long tradition that values this precious metal for its durable good looks.

A Pewter Lamp Makes a Statement

For many, pewter recalls the history of early America when this metal was used extensively to make utensils and house wares. Pewter has always been prized not only for its good looks but its utility. The practical colonists, ever concerned about economy, knew that a good collection of pewter would last through a lifetime of daily use and abuse.

Today, home accessories such as a pewter lamp recall those days, when beauty and function were not mutually exclusive. Lamps of stunning simplicity are available both online and at retail stores. Candlestick varieties have a traditional feel, while electrified lamps beautifully exemplify the practical convenience of this precious metal. The silvery luster of pewter makes it stand out from other materials to give your interior a unique look.

Few accessories express timeless elegance quite like the pewter lamp. As part of a pewter collection, or just on its own, this special pewter piece is functional and durable for every day use. Yet, it retains the rich silver patina that gives pewter its own unique style and has made it the favorite metal in household use for centuries.

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