Pewter Mug

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A traditional pewter mug recalls the days of the early American tavern, where colonists discussed the issues of the day over pints of ale and cider. Pewter was the preferred medium for household goods in those days, when it was prized for its durability. Today, pewter is still prized, as much for its silvery patina as its utility. Mugs made of pewter grace many homes, and function both as practical and decorative pieces.

The Traditional Pewter Mug

Mugs are basically use to hold large quantities of juice or ale. They have a cylindrical shape and a handle on one side. Handles vary in style and can be highly ornamented in the tradition of German beer steins. Cleat handles have a straight rod attached to the mug by two pewter pieces. As styles vary, so too do finishes. A formal look is achieved with a bright or highly polished look, while the traditional satin finish recalls an understated colonial elegance.

A pewter mug can be a prized part of any pewter collection. As a gift, it is always in style and always appropriate. Even when used everyday it will hold up beautifully, and with minimal care will retain its luster for a lifetime. Mugs are handy for entertaining, particularly when serving fine beers and ales. In fact, this was their original function, and their large size easily accommodates standard serving sizes.

It's easy to find the perfect pewter mug to give as a gift or as an addition to a pewter collection. Mugs are available online and at fine pewter retailers. Handcrafted pewter has a quality and durability that is instantly recognizable by those who appreciate the enduring beauty and silvery patina of this timeless metal.

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