Pewter Napkin Ring

Written by Beth Hrusch
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A pewter napkin ring adds a charming touch to the table when entertaining. Napkin rings are an indispensable part of a formal setting, traditional pieces of tableware that are often overlooked. They serve the purpose of holding the cloth napkin to keep it separate from flatware and make it easy for the guest to place the napkin on the lap.

The Charm of the Pewter Napkin Ring

A napkin ring is much more than a knick-knack or display piece. When done in pewter it is a charming and functional piece of tableware. The silvery luster of pewter belies its durability. Pewter is made mainly of tin, a soft metal that is easily shaped. Napkin rings can therefore be ornamented in great detail, and though small, they can make a big statement.

You can choose styles of rings to suit your pewter collection or your own personal tastes. A classic round pewter napkin ring is timeless and elegant. However, handcrafted pewter rings come in square and rope designs. For a theme party, pewter rings can have detailed designs or inscriptions on them. For example, each guest can have their own napkin ring, engraved with their name, to take home as a memento.

A pewter napkin ring makes a special gift, as well. Pewter is always appropriate for any occasion, and will be a welcome addition to interiors both modern and traditional. When the ordinary just will not do, home accessories and tableware made of pewter come through. A napkin ring made of this metal makes the whole table sparkle, and adds a distinctive accent that is sure to impress your guests.

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